Rump Session

(Putting the “crap” back into “craptology”... Literally.)


  • 21:00 — Words from the CHES 2015 chairs.
  • 21:25 — Gregor Leander and Thomas Peyrin: FSE 2016. [webpage]
  • 21:26 — Stefan Mangard: This year on Halloween... [slides]
  • 21:29 — Alex Biryukov, Daniel Dinu, Johann Großschädl, Dmitry Khovratovich, Yann Le Corre, Léo Perrin, Zhe Liu: The ACRYPT Project. [slides]
  • 21:33 — Junfeng Fan: PANDA'16. [slides]
  • 21:35 — Pablo R. and Antoine A.: Password Security Assessment. [slides]
  • 21:39 — Craig Costello and Patrick Longa: FourQ. [slides]
  • 21:44 — Alberto Battistello and Christophe Giraud: Titles count …so… count Titles! [slides]
  • 21:48 — Björn Fay: Double-and-Add with Relative Jacobian Coordinates. [slides]
  • 21:52 — Joachim Schipper: A high-assurance vendor.
  • 22:00 — CHES 2015 Challenge. [slides]
  • 22:30 — Colin O'Flynn: Giveaway Portion!
  • 22:31 — Nicolas Bruneau, Jean-Luc Danger, Éloi de Cherisey, Guillaume Duc, Sylvain Guilley, Annelie Heuser, Zakaria Najm, Pablo Rauzy, Olivier Rioul, Laurent Sauvage: DPA contest status. [slides]
  • 22:35 — Guido Bertoni, Joan Daemen, Michaël Peeters, Gilles Van Assche and Ronny Van Keer: Keyak v2: Leakage-robust authenticated encryption. [slides]
  • 22:40 — Avik Chakraborti and Mridul Nandi: Differential fault analysis on Minalpher.
  • 22:45 — Pierre Karpman, Brice Minaud and Alexandre Wallet: Breaking Discrete Logarithm at Mont Saint-Michel. [slides]
  • 22:50 — Clarisse Ginet: Invasive Attacks. [slides]
  • 22:53 — Seokhie Hong, Taewon Kim, Sangyub Lee: Most important thing in black box test. [slides]
Traditional Breton music and dancing interludes were kindly provided by Les Perrières de Cesson-Sévigné.

Call for Contributions

The CHES 2015 Rump Session will take place on the evening of Tuesday, September 15th, and will be chaired by Jérémie Detrey.

With talks ranging from non-serious presentations of serious stuff to plain, downright craptologic jokes, the Rump Session is a great way for the community to share and discuss current topics and issues in an informal and lighthearted fashion. As such, it is an important highlight of every crypto conference, and CHES is no exception.

However, the Rump Session cannot exist without its speakers! So:

  • Do you have breaking news, progress reports or announcements you'd like to share with everyone in an entertaining manner?
  • Have you been secretly rehearsing a song in your hotel room for the past few days?
  • Can you squeeze it in a few minutes?
  • Do you think you can take on an army of chouchen'ed up Bretons gambolling around?
  • Do you love the smell of guano in the evening?

If you're feeling up to the challenge, send an email to Jeremie.Detrey (AT) and ask for a slot before Tuesday 12pm, with

  • a list of authors,
  • the name of the speaker,
  • a title,
  • a duration estimate (4–5 minutes max!),
  • a set of slides (in PDF format only),
  • and whether or not you'd like the slides to appear on this webpage once the Rump Session is over.

Note that, in order for the Rump Session to go smoothly, and so that we do not waste time switching laptops between talks, all the slides will be glued together into one single PDF and uploaded to the presentation laptop. If, however, you have a really, really good idea for a presentation but which won't fit into PDF slides (such as a short video), you can always try to bribe the chair with a couple of beers on Monday evening.