wr0ng 2017

Random Number Generation Done Right

April 2017, Paris, France

wr0ng 2017 is a one-day Ecrypt-CSA workshop organized by CryptoExperts that will take place in Paris, France, on 30 April 2017, in the same venue as EUROCRYPT 2017.

Workshop focus

All cryptographic constructions heavily rely on the availability of random bits, for operations such as key generation, randomization of encryption or signatures and or nonces in protocols. Unfortunately, multiple incidents have demonstrated that the quality of the (pseudo-)random number generators leaves much to be desired. Even worse, in September 2013 it was revealed that the US government agency has deliberately undermined the security of cryptographic solutions by inserting a backdoor in the Dual EC random number generator included in ANSI, NIST and ISO standards. This highlights that a secure system can be fatally weakened by the insertion of just one flawed component; if the NSA can predict all randomness used by a system, it knows all secrets used during that time period and might even be able to recover long-term keys.

In spite of their crucial importance, there are very few research papers on the topic and most industrial designs are proprietary. Moreover, existing designs and instances are notoriously difficult to evaluate.

The goal of this workshop is to review new models, constructions, implementations, and evaluation methodologies. It will also be explored whether the area is mature enough to identify requirements and plan an open competition. The workshop will cover both truly random number generators and pseudo-random number generators.

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This workshop is part of the EU Horizon 2020 ECRYPT-CSA project.

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Workshop Will Be Held At

UPMC Jussieu Campus

Paris, France.

(10 min from Eurocrypt's venue)