Research at CryptoExperts is Unique


CryptoExperts' Research Team

Our research group is mostly constituted of industrial experts holding a PhD in cryptography, and maintains a word-class expertise that simultaneously covers theoretical and practical aspects of cryptographic systems.

  • Publications: 298
  • Best papers awards: 9
  • Program chairs: 9 times
  • Program committees: 100 times

Collaborative Projects

CryptoExperts is a research group of well-recognized experts in cryptography and is connected to a network of more than 45 technology partners from across the globe.

Ranging from hardware cryptoprocessing to user-privacy, from lightweight encryption to white-box cryptography, here is a selection of our current project projects.

Latest publications

  • High Order Side-Channel Security for Elliptic-Curve Implementations.
    In IACR Trans. Cryptogr. Hardw. Embed. Syst., 2023.
  • Shared permutation for syndrome decoding: new zero-knowledge protocol and code-based signature.
    In Des. Codes Cryptogr., 2023.
  • VerifMSI: Practical Verification of Hardware and Software Masking Schemes Implementations.
    Quentin L. Meunier, portrait ofAbdul Rahman Taleb.
    In SECRYPT 2023, pp. 520-527, 2023.
  • Short Signatures from Regular Syndrome Decoding in the Head.
    Eliana Carozza, Geoffroy Couteau, portrait ofAntoine Joux.
    In EUROCRYPT (5) 2023, pp. 532-563, 2023.

Academic Involvements

Program Chairs and Committees

CryptoExperts' team strongly supports the quality of the cryptographic research and has been involved in many program committees, including as program chairs.

Conferences & Workshops Organizations

CryptoExperts' team has also benevolently organized several conferences and workshops.


CryptoExperts is proud to sponsor several conferences in cryptography:


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Dr. Pascal Paillier

  • Asiacrypt 2005 Best Paper Award
portrait of

Dr. Matthieu Rivain

  • CHES 2008 Best Paper Award
  • CHES 2007 Best Paper Award
portrait of

Dr. Sonia Belaïd

  • Thales PhD prize 2016
  • Usine Nouvelle and Industrie & Technologies Research engineer of the year award 2016
portrait of

Prof. Louis Goubin

  • CHES 2010 Best Paper Award
portrait of

Prof. Antoine Joux

  • IACR Fellow 2014
  • Eurocrypt 2014 Best Paper Award
  • Gödel Prize 2013
  • Eurocrypt 2012 Best Paper Award
  • Asiacrypt 2009 Best Paper Award


ISO/IEC SC 27 is the arena where international crypto standards are conceived. We work within ISO for a world that offers better security and better privacy to the global industry, gov-related institutions and above all, to users.

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