CryptoExperts is at the forefront of scientific advances in cryptography. Not all of these advances can be translated into marketable security technologies. Some, however, can. Here is a selection of the ones we proactively work on, and the associated services that we offer.


Our Technologies

Embedded Cryptographic Libraries

Give us the instruction set of your microcontroller and we do the rest.

We have more than 16 years of experience in developing and delivering cycle-accurate optimized cryptographic libraries. Our software can be declined on a variety of hardware platforms and support standard and advanced cryptographic algorithms.

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Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Meet the Holy Grail of cryptography.

Fully homomorphic encryption is the ultimate cryptographic tool to build more secure cloud computing services that respect everybody's privacy. It allows to confidentialy share data, and the encrypted data can then be processed without ever needing to decrypt or reveal...

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Pay-TV & Content Protection

The new encryption technology for content distribution.

STONE is the industry’s first efficient cryptographic solution that enables CAS vendors and content providers to identify and remotely disable compromised smart cards used by pirate emulators. A smart card implementation of STONE is in preparation.

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White-Box Cryptography

Use white-box software in lieu of a secure element.

White-box cryptography turns a keyed cryptographic algorithm into an unintelligible program with the same functionality. The white-box secure program can then be executed in an untrusted environment without fear of exposing the underlying keys. The code itself is tamper-proof, just...

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