Are you lacking resources or expertise to make sure that your security solution is ready to cope with the real world? Are you certain that your in-house design will survive the scrutiny of expert cryptographers?

Or maybe your product requires the design of an advanced cryptographic algorithm or protocol? Are you wondering about the emergence of quantum computers? We may already have just what your are looking for. And if we don't, we will sort it out for you.

CryptoExperts offers externalized R&D and consulting services in a wide variety of security areas. We can perform an in-depth design & security analysis of your security application or architecture, spot the cryptographic misconceptions and propose appropriate alternatives.

And remember, if you cannot find the information you are looking for in these pages, drop us an email. We will work it out together.


Random Number Generation

Good random number generation is not a matter of chance!

Random Number Generation (RNG) is the cornerstone primitive for most security applications. The design of Random Number Generators, whether hardware-based or fully software, is at the core of our expertise.

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Cryptographic Protocols

Security by design is not an abstract concept.

Beware of alleged "military grade secure" products. It is one thing to use AES-256 or RSA-4096, using it correctly is a different kettle of fish.
We can help you build innovative products that require any standard or advanced cryptographic tools, such...

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Post-Quantum Cryptography

You are not prepared.

One day, quantum computers will become a reality. When that day comes, RSA, Elliptic Curves and many other fundamental cryptographic primitives will become obsolete. Post-Quantum Cryptography offers secure alternatives and we can help you get ready.

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Cryptographic Product Review

A fresh pair of eyes on your design.

The development of a cryptographic product, from a protocol on a whiteboard to an industrial grade implementation, is a long and complex process. Our experts will help you avoid common (and less common) pitfalls at any stage of the development....

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Statistical Randomness Analysis

Don't give bad randomness a chance.

Any cryptographic algorithm requires randomness at some point. And it's better be good! Even the most advanced cryptosystem will eventually fail if associated with a bad TRNG or PRNG, putting at risk the full stack of security measures you carefully...

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AIS 20/31

Certifying your RNG should not be a random process!

CryptoExperts offers consulting services to evaluate the security of RNG implementations. Do you have your own RNG legacy and need to undergo a AIS20/31 or FIPS 140-2 certification process? We can help you put together the appropriate security arguments as...

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« Certification Sécuritaire de Premier Niveau »

The French information security agency (ANSSI) developed the CSPN certification as a lightweight alternative to CC certifications. If CC/EMVco certification is too long or too expensive for your product, CSPN might be just what you are looking for.

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Opening the way to mid-term cryptography revolutions.

ISO/IEC SC 27 is the arena where international crypto standards are conceived. We work within ISO for a world that offers better security and better privacy to the global industry, gov-related institutions and above all, to users.

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