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Abdul Rahman Taleb

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I'm Abdel

I am currently a PhD researcher at CryptoExperts company and LIP6 laboratory in Paris, France. My field of research is the security and verification of cryptographic implementations in the random probing model against side-channel attacks.

Full Name: Abdul Rahman Taleb
Age: 23 Years Old
Experience: 2 years
Email: abdul.taleb@cryptoexperts.com

What I Do Services

Cryptography Research

My thesis at CryptoExperts with LIP6 laboratory at Sorbonne University is focused on cryptography. Specifically, I am currently doing research on secure and verified cryptographic implementations against side-channel attacks in the random probing model.

Software Development

My three year bachelor degree in computer science have prepared me to be a part of any software development project. The next years of my career helped me concentrate my skills in the cryptography and cybersecurity domain.


One of the main skills I am currently developing during my thesis at CryptoExperts is my ability to judge and review cryptographic implementations, specifications and protocols.

My Experience Resume

My career in a nutshell


  • Masters of Security and Cryptography (acronym SFPN)

    Sorbonne University (formerly: Pierre et Marie Curie University)
    2018 - 2020

    Obtained with an average of 18/20

  • Bachelor of Computer Science

    Sorbonne University (formerly: Pierre et Marie Curie University)
    2015 - 2018

    Obtained with an average of 18/20


  • Doctoral Researcher, Cryptography Engineer

    CryptoExperts, Paris, France
    October 2020 – present

    My thesis subject is about secure and verified cryptographic implementations in the random probing model"

  • Master 2 internship as part of the project VeriSiCC (Verification of Side-Channel countermeasures)

    CryptoExperts, Paris, France
    February 2020 – August 2020

    Study of formal verification methods for the security of masking schemes in the random probing model against side-channel attacks, and introduction of new strategies to achieve arbitrary levels of random probing security. Under the supervision of Sonia BELAÏD and Matthieu RIVAIN

  • Internship in Cryptography and Digital Signatures Verification

    Sorbonne University (formerly: Pierre et Marie Curie University)
    June 2019 – July 2019

    Study of Progressive Verification techniques for Digital Signatures based on Finite Fields, Lattices, Error-Correcting Codes. Attempts to find new ways of verification which would allow to spend less time on the computation, with high success probability. Under the supervision of Damien VERGNAUD

  • Erasmus+ Studies and Research Scholarship

    UTokyo (The University Of Tokyo), Tokyo, Japan
    September 2018 – January 2019

    Introduction to research in the cryptography field, through special courses, and a first step in research under the supervision of Noboru KUNIHIRO

  • Internship in Deep Learning and Age Estimation

    LISSI Laboratory (UPEC University)
    June 2018 – July 2018

    Study of different well-known neural networks (VGG, Resnet, Inception, Xception, ...) for the task of age estimation from face images, and comparison of their performance through implementation using KERAS. Under The supervision of Alice OTHMANI

My Scientific Papers Publications

by Sonia Belaïd, Jean-Sébastien Coron, Emmanuel Prouff, Matthieu Rivain, Abdul Rahman Taleb
by Abdul Rahman Taleb, Damien Vergnaud
by Alice Othmani, Abdul Rahman Taleb, Hazem Abdelkawy, Abdenour Hadid

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CryptoExperts, 41 Boulevard des Capucines, 75002 Paris